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Fun. I plan to steal these. :)

Chuck Boyd

Your comment that "mud near the marsh can suck your shoes off.." brought back memories of a long, long afternoon with visitors at Ft. Sumter.

It was summer and we were in the midst of a VERY low tide. The Tour boat had difficulty getting to the dock so we could disembark.

Once inside the Fort, my guests and I went up top and I noticed it appeared there now was a connection to James Island...you could walk ashore! I did not remember that from a previous trip years ago.

I pointed to this "land mass" and my small group ventured out on the grassy point near the "spoils" area. I said "watch this!" and started out with a mighty stride and

sank into the pluff mud, down to my knees. Both feet embedded, I maintained my balance as I tried to backtrack. Hmm. Heavy suction.

It took a while but I eventually regained footing on solid land and saw thick black tar-like substance covering my legs down to where I guess my feet were. It felt like I still had my shoes but they were not visible.

Several rolls of paper towels - and a long stay in the men's room - made me presentable again but as I exited the bathroom, I saw each drying footstep that brought me there from the edge of the sun-baked thin crust that had been revealed by the low tide.

You can NOT walk to James Island from Ft. Sumter.

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