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July 12, 2007


W McLeod

I ran acrosss this dated post from July 2007 while searching the family history on google and felt compelled to respond. I'm not certain if we've met or if you know any of my family. My given name is William Rogers McLeod, Jr. I've met many other McLeod's through the years in SC, but don't recall meeting you and wanted to say hello. I have a 6 in metal bound book that details the family history if you're interested. My home email is mcleod@sc.rr.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


I found your tidbit interesting. I'm a Morrison (Gilmore) and the MacLeod's were ancient enemies on the isle of Lewis. For a good read try "The Traditions of the Morrisons". There are a lot of MacLeods in it. The Morrison's also go back to Olaf. Alas, our castle is but a pile of rocks near the tip of Lewis in Borvais (Dun Eisdean). But I have seen that one in Stornoway (your picture). There's a good chance that your relatives came to flee retribution for being Jacobites. Tho' it was over by then, it took time to convince many Jacobites to flee. Inglis Fletcher writes of Scots fleeing Skye (she mixes in Flora MacDonald) and landing in the middle of the Revolution. Ironically, many fought for the Sassenach. ...


morrisisle, hi! The castle in Dunvegan on Skye has changed over the centuries, but not on the outside! It's still stone set on a rocky place.


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