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  • Charleston's Good Morning Lowcountry column has filled the top half of Page 2B in The Post and Courier every day since its inception in 2000. GMLc celebrates life in a particular place (the South Carolina Lowcountry) with a particular voice and a particular perspective: That the world is a fascinating place, but not until after we've had our coffee.

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October 19, 2007



Oh, poor you. I hope you are on the mend.


I haven't checked these blogs in a while, but I suspected that you were not currently writing them: They have not been up to your usual quality and they have contained some misstatements of facts that I know you know.

Hope your recover soon.


I meant that I thought you were not writing the articles for Good Morning Lowcountry, not these blogs.


thank you joan! i'm OK! slowjogger, tell me the misstatements of fact (i know about white ibises being year-round residents) so i can pass 'em on, and thanks.

also sorry to be so slow in replying to you both. brain fog. anybody seen any recent pictures of heather's baby? (i'm way behind).

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