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  • Charleston's Good Morning Lowcountry column has filled the top half of Page 2B in The Post and Courier every day since its inception in 2000. GMLc celebrates life in a particular place (the South Carolina Lowcountry) with a particular voice and a particular perspective: That the world is a fascinating place, but not until after we've had our coffee.

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November 06, 2007



Welcome back. That's good news that you're feeling more chipper (more chip/chippier?).

What did you do for Halloween? Did you turn off all the lights and sit huddled in the dark, flinching as an army of kids camped on your doorstep, pressing the bell and slapping on the door?

Or were you feeling chippy enough to go to the door and hand out popcorn balls and candy bars?

Hopefully you were feeling good and went out to dinner and missed all the commotion.

That's what I did.


Chuck thanks. Popcorn balls, OMG, I totally di d not have the energy for little ghosts and goblins. I got about 12 of them (usually I get none!) and I had forgotten to even get any candy. So I gave them Peppermint Patties which they were cool with. I used to like Halloween and dress up and go out and party. But for some reason (age?) I don't like it much anymore.

Vera H.

Welcome back. I just got the Hitchen's book

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